Friday, January 16, 2009

A dino named Sue

We accidentally had a great morning at the Science Center today...we showed up at 9:40 thinking we'd do the Discovery Room and walk around for a bit, only to discover there's a new dinosaur exhibit happening in their dome.

"Is this something little kids will enjoy," I ask, pointing to the three children circling my legs, all age 4 and under.

"Yeah, I think so. There's a place for them to dig for dinosaur bones, a couple of crafts and the life size replica of Sue the T-Rex."

"Done," I say.
So, we head to our 10:00 date with Sue...past the revolving door (not a hit with children who reacted as if we were leaving the earth and entering the vacuum of space forever) and into a COMPLETELY EMPTY DOME. With an unmanned entrance to Sue.
We enter the area set up specifically for the exhibit to find...a camera crew. Hmmm. We also then happen to notice that all of the signs say that Sue's coming out party is Jan. 17th. Tomorrow.

One frantic woman (who obviously works in public relations and not on the actual floor of the Science Center), a phone call and an appearance by an employee scheduled to work the exhibit later...we were allowed to stay. And enjoy the entire new exhibit. By ourselves.

When does that ever happen????

The kids chipped clay off of fossils, moved a computerized T-rex head, colored some dinos, dug for bones in mulch, and generally wandered to their hearts content without me worrying that they might be kidnapped. Even the crayons on the craft table were new, with perfect pointy heads. And arranged by color.
Which also means that this is the one vacuum of public space in St. Louis not painted with the flu virus. Glory.
Did you know the real "Sue the T-Rex" (who resides in Chicago's Field Museum) was found in South Dakota? I always just assumed dinosaurs lived in weird places like Mesopotamia. Or Madagascar. I had no idea they were so...domestic.

Any-hoo, forty five minutes later, we were entering the Discovery Room to build the most awesome marble run. Of. All. Time.

Love it. Fun mommy returns.

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carol said...

I love things like that...special, once in a lifetime opportunities with no crowds BUT... then it's oh so very difficult to go back when you must brave the masses like everyone else