Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Canneloni. Not manicotti.

I have spent the morning learning the difference between cannelloni and manicotti.

That's not quite true. I was searching for cannelloni, but was finding that difficult, as what I was actually looking for was manicotti.

So, I was running around town looking for what I thought was a tube-like noodle. A tube-like noodle, that was not pre-stuffed. And not manicotti. Cannelloni.


Listen, I can barely keep up and I lived this goose chase this morning. And, I might add, I am also on "The Hill" of St. Louis (a traditional, Italian neighborhood)...in an Italian market. This should be my first clue that if I cannot properly locate the mythical cannelloni, it's me who has something wrong. Not every Italian on the hill. I mean, am I the only crazy person to ever come searching for non-stuffed cannelloni? Apparently yes.

Not manicotti. Cannelloni.

At Vivianos: "No we don't carry cannelloni. But we do have manicotti." Barilla brand, like I could have gotten 2 minutes away from my house at Dierbergs. "Try Mama Tuscanos, they have fresh pasta."

At Mama Tuscanos: "Yes, we have cannelloni!" Bingo. Just the noodles? "Oh no, only prepared." Sigh.

At Freddies Market, in Webster: "I'll take two packages of your frozen, pre-made cannelloni." Defeat.

Leave it to Wikipedia to set a girl straight. Cannelloni, apparently, is like a sheet of pasta that is actually rolled/filled with a stuffing. Unless you roll them out yourself, you cannot find just the noodles in St. Louis. Cannelloni is for the pros, is what I've come to understand. Manicotti, however, exists for the lay person who simply wants to stuff something, without having to make noodle dough, press it out, fill it and roll it...so that in fact, at the end of the day, you end up with a manicotti-looking thing that took 5 hours instead of 30 minutes.

Got it. And officially noted that I have found cannelloni. It's called manicotti.


M. Denckhoff said...

I can't wait.

becky said...

oh man. you should have called! you can get that at shop and save! look at it this way with all the sweat that went into obtaining the noodles it should taste so much better.what a way to start your day back!

beht said...

KOO-KOO! Tell me you didn't leave the hill without some sort of fresh pasta goodness!

MaryL said...

I'm not italian, my husband is, but he has no idea (MIL wouldn't know either). Anyway, I think I know what you're talking about. When I make cannelloni, I use the french pre-made crepes. Every grocery store I've been to has them near the strawberries. They're pretty much the same thing, I don't know if the pre-made ones have sugar added or not - most americans have them as a sweet breakfast or dessert. Once you've added the filling and sauce, you really can't tell the difference. Hope this helps even though it's a year later!

MaryL said...

...I should add, what I mean by basically the same thing is they are both made with flour, milk, eggs, and salt - the only difference being the sugar, and like I said, I don't know if the pre-made ones come with sugar or not, but it's not too sweet and you can't tell once everything is assembled.