Monday, July 27, 2009

Riding along in my automobile.

Fun times tonight on the golf course in back of our house. Which, of course, is closed today...or else we would be putting our children in serious danger of head injuries.

Today would also be the first time we realized that the kids can be near the pond (which sits in the middle of this hole) without GREAT fear that they are going to fall in. That's comforting.

Golf courses with a slight slope are also excellent places to learn to roller skate. FYI.

Oh, I just love this. I am pretty sure my Big J is in a coma upstairs, based on the number of times he pushed his Fred-Flintstone car up and down the slight hill of this hole. Lived here almost six years and have never once brought yard toys on to the course. It's like we've stepped into a whole, new, awesome, world.

Went to Hobby Lobby tonight and got way side-tracked. My purpose was to let the kids pick out some supplies for a project we are tackling tomorrow...instead the sale signs and all the pretty, sparkly, crafty things distracted me.

I did get the stuff for our project. And the supplies for 5+ projects I have no time to tackle in the next 6 months. And when I do have the time around Christmas (because that is TOTALLY a non-busy season), I won't be able to find this stuff.


I am also having a slight issue with grosgrain ribbon. Well, I'm not sure if it's the ribbon's fault or the stores that stock the ribbon.


It appears that navy, polka-dotted, grosgrain ribbon does not exist in this city. Which is AMAZING to me, because I actually saw this exact ribbon in every shade of the rainbow. Except navy.

Anybody have any suggestions as to where I might find this? Hobby Lobby was a major letdown...and I do not use those words lightly. There is Hancock Fabrics, which is just two doors down, however, I was already there twice today as that is where I realized I was missing my credit card. Which happened to be at the last location where I used it, two days ago.

My choices were to drag four children, including a screaming, whining, hungry Little J to Hancock's for the THIRD time today. Or go home.

I chose home. And the navy, polka-dot grosgrain ribbon eludes me.


KR said...

Not sure about the navy polka dot but has all kinds of cool ribbons.

Lisa S. said...

check Wal-mart. I know you don't want to ever go there. It is horrible, especially with 4 kids. BUT they do have lots of ribbon and you can buy it by the yard too.

carol said...

love big J by the "carts" sign