Thursday, July 2, 2009

Waiting for the elusive wee-wee.

It took 2 hours and 38 minutes. To be exact.

And I know this EXACTLY, because every minute seemed the length of an hour.

But at the end of 158 minutes, we had a bucket full of pee. Courtesy of one very strong willed little lady.

And that bucket full of pee probably bought us YEARS worth of counseling, and emotional un-doing, and all kinds of nastiness detailing my witchy-mother ways. As in the time I made my four-and-a-half year old daughter sit on the potty for 2 hours and 38 minutes straight.

Here's the deal. I know potty training is supposed to be all sunshine, and smiles, and good jobs and oopsy-daisys and better-luck-next-times. Positive reinforcement, I know.

However, I feel we crossed the marker of positive reinforcement when L was 3. Maybe three and a half. And now we are staring down her 5 year birthday, and she was SPRINTING toward the goal of being the kid who enters kindergarten in diapers.

But she was fed by a tube and ate at all kinds of weird hours and digested a plethora of weird formulas. Blah, blah, blah. Those excuses worked for a while, but even I know they are lame. And when you can find your own self lame, in conversations you are having within your own head, you have problems.

Yes, I could have done this the traditional way, and taken her to the bathroom every 20 minutes. Except that she is four-and-a-half...and also possesses the ability and control to hold her pee for HOURS until I diaper her. Prior to our 2.5 hour potty break beginning at 2 p.m. today, L had been in undies since noon...that's at least 4.5 hours sans pee.

Are you beginning to feel that this was a breaking of the will that need to happen? That is, if I had any hope of sending her to college without pull-ups?

So. Day 1 of potty training now officially over. Bring it day two. I am all Jedi mind-trick/kung-fu ninja/Confucian grasshopper when it comes to pee-pee time.

And while we are on to FANTASTIC mothering stories, have a looksy at what my children picked up at the POOL today...

Yes. It is a rather sharp, thin, skewer, played with in an area where kids tend to run, fall and use inflatable devices. I cannot think of a worse combination of factors. Or a better way to lose an eye. Big J did scream for a while when I confiscated this one. Again, counseling here we come!

But he'll thank me when he realizes he still possesses sight in both eyes.

And to leave you on a totally random note, here is the newspaper basket G and I have been working on all week! Today we gave it a good shellacking with Mod-Podge!! So, it is a bit non-symmetrical and lob-sided compared to this example (link here), but G is proud of it and is happily housing a few of her beloved animals in it tonight. Weaving is harder than it looks peeps!

This house is about to explode in red, white and blue...because of course I realized there is a holiday about to hit, and with very little time left, I have decided to run with the theme! Pics to come shortly!


carol said...

newspaper basket..are you green or what!!???

Congrats dear sweet L!

Amy R said...

I am also in potty-training misery with Miss M. Yes, she is the almost the same age as L. And I wish pee were the subatance we were having trouble with....not pretty. JJ on the other hand is about to show up her sister, I'm afraid.