Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bye, bye boobies.

Last week, one of our heavy, ceramic salad plates broke. Boo.

Commonly referred to as the "boob" plates/bowls, we registered for these things back in 2000 when we were getting married. And as previously stated, I do not own many things that are blue, nor do I use any shade of it in my decorating decor.

But back in 2000, I was drawn to these plates for some reason.

And I still love them (minus the fact that they are misfits among a house that is primarily red, green and mustard yellow). Though, I'm probably more in love with the fact that they were a part of our blissful wedding preparations (she says with sarcasm), then the actual plates themselves.

And so every time a plate or bowl has cracked or broken, I have saved it. Until about 2 years ago, when Mike begged me face my hoarding demons and let them go, which I did.

Only this week, another one bit the dust and I kept it on our counter in an attempt to save it without banishing it to the dark hole that is our basement. We might call our kitchen "Craft Purgatory".

Mike-the-all-knowing instantly sensed what was going on here, and asked, "Can I throw this away?"

To which I replied: "I'm going to do something with it."

"Really? Or is it just going to sit in the basement for years? In which case I say just toss it now."

AM I going to do something with it? Am I? I take that statement as a crafting dare.

So, last week, I abandoned the other 10 projects I've been working on (lots to show in the weeks ahead), and went after the plate. Hobby Lobby. Acrylic paint. Glue gun. Oh, and those sand dollars we collected from the beach 2 years ago, killed and soaked in bleach.

The finished product:

Hobby Lobby frames were 50% off, so I take this project as a sign from God, similar to his calling for me to avoid paddle boats (inside joke for blog readers!). Found a frame with a flat, wide boarder, painted it blue...and went to work placing my plate pieces. I will also note that I bought a plain blue plate at the dollar store and broke it to bits, because my single boob plate wouldn't have covered this frame. I also added those iridescent marble/rock things you put in vases for some texture...and the sand dollars were remembered and found at last minute (kept in a baggie above our microwave--isn't' that where you keep your sand dollars?). Anyway, I love how it turned out and I am dying to do another in a different color scheme. I am also particularly happy with the large, chunkiness of it--I'm a big fan of the messy, throw it all together look. Anyway, I'm thinking other frames with plate bits and random items thrown cute would silverware or door knobs or you name it, look added to a frame!

Possibilities are endless. Particularly if you own a basement that is a treasure chest full of crap.


BeckShoe said...

Very nice....Great idea for those broken plates that still have a special place in your heart.
See ya in the morning.

Melanie said...

Like it. and you can slit someone's throat with it if they interrupt your time of reading People magazine.

becky said...

oh martha its so cute!

carol said...

definitely one of the best use of boobies out there! What does Mike think of your boobie plate frame?