Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Gateway to the West or most horrible death EVER.

As far as I know, no one has ever died in the Arch.

This is not so much a comfort to me, as I'm sure Napoleon couldn't conceptualize the airplane. Or George Washington the Internet. Joan of Arc would not have understood denim. Much less "designer" denim, and paying over $100 dollars for a casual pair of slacks. Pretty sure the idea of the dollar and the United States of America would also be a foreign concept.

All I'm saying, is that the world is full of never-woulda-thoughts and crazy impossibilities. Like plunging to my death in an egg-shaped elevator traveling up a curved metal tube. Perhaps that egg would wedge itself sideways as it was free-falling from the heights of the St. Louis Arch.

Because being tossled and wedged in a 5 square foot egg (with three children) does not sound so bad.

All this fear was for naught, as you can see, I survived my death-defying trip to the top of the Arch. Just as hundreds of tourists do everyday.

We all know I am destined to die in a freak paddle boating accident, anyway.


becky said...

we did that this summer and kj still talks about fun but really expensive don't you think?

carol said...

you could always google it and see if someone had died in the arch...I'm not sure I want to know. once again, you are an awesome field trip!

becky said...

oh someone did die trying to parachute onto the arch or maybe he was climbing up it with giant suction cups...can't remember but one of those definately happened!