Thursday, November 12, 2009

Christmas as an escape from reality.

Done. Finished. Happily moving on to other projects.

Christmas wreathes, check. Thank goodness, because it is November 12th, and what would I be doing with my time, if not hot gluing various items to fake evergreens?

Ooooh. I used shimmer mod-podge and it was a WEIRD silver color. Me thinks the shimmer is overkill, when you've already painted the "D" with metallic gold paint. Maybe what I needed was glitter mod-podge. Shimmer just sounded more subtle, less flashy. In retrospect, probably not the right choice. What is the difference between shimmer and glitter? I need to know. I want to ace my mod podge final.

I must say, that there is something to be said for preparing for Christmas. Not entering the month of December with a general bad attitude, given everything that needs to be done. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE being busy. I just hate being busy with things that are immediate.

FYI. Walmart is also dangerous at this time of year. I purchased two more tubs of ornaments for the garland which will match these wreaths. Can you really have to many ornaments that are sold in monochromatic color schemes?

I am sorry I have been lame and talking about Christmas and a women's retreat with no fun details. Polka dots are not in great abundance this week, and that makes me feel dull. I did, however, have the chance to get out on the town tonight, with my hubby. We pretended we were 20 and hit some sort of hip charity event where Ladue News photographers took really awkward pictures. And that, made me feel every inch of 33. But the four-foot-tall bartender poured me the largest glass of wine I have ever seen, and that helped trick me into believing I was really 18.

Once this weekend is over and done, I will move on to planning a pink party for 7-year-old girls. Before I took on 2,653 projects in the month of November, this would be the sort of thing that I would obsess over for WEEKS. I will have 6 days, but I am confident in my abilities to throw a kick ass party.


Lisa S. said...

I am overly confident in your ability to plan this pink party. If Emma's poop turns pink I will know you overdid it! Can't wait to see what you come up with.

carol said...

There is pink 7-up...and it's for 7 year olds