Friday, November 20, 2009

Color me pepto bismal.

Just one quick look at the pink party. A huge success, I think. And I now have a fairly accurate assessment of what it would be like to be raising fifteen-tuplets (my word for 15 children, all age 7).

We took a TON of pictures, because this was truly a labor of love. And the end result turned out exactly as I was hoping, so you can color me pleased. I'm pretty sure you can't gage the success of a party based on the amount of pink decoration per square foot...but if I am being truthful, that's how you can evaluate my happiness level, at the present moment.

More on Sunday (or maybe Monday) when I have an opportunity to truly process this two-hour window with 15 first graders! So much precious, hysterical, growing up way-too-fast, awesomeness.

Have a great (pink) weekend!


Melanie said...

A quote from Lillian about the party: "Grace has the best parents EVER!" You might as well set a rate. Looks like we will have to hire you for all the parties next year.

Anne L said...

oh man! I can't wait to see more pics!!! SOO GREAT!! Such a great idea...I am working on a 3rd birthday party. Any ideas? :)

carol said...

"my colors are blush and bashful" that movie

m denckhoff said...

1. Carol, too easy. Steel magnolias.
2. My wife is the best!

Jen said...

I squealed out loud when I saw the first picture. I sort of want my house to look like that, always.

becky said...

so cute. more pics. i want to see the treee.