Monday, January 11, 2010

Another one bites the dust.

This morning, Little J presented with severe cold symptoms, the most pathetic being a lower lip that quivered and touched his knees. Following a requested breakfast of Oatmeal bars, he sat himself on the couch and quivered all morning. Very sad.

The Oatmeal bar threw me for a loop, as I asked myself, "Who would ask for the most rough and pointy of breakfast foods if their throat hurt like Satan's fire den?

When asked, Little J has been very consistent in saying his leg hurt. It is completely possible I am missing a fracture of some sort, based on my track record over the past week. Also completely possible that I have done a POOR job in teaching him the names for his body parts (because you just don't think about that with #4). So, in Little J language, leg may equal throat.

However. Since we have covered my AWE-SOME-ness in leaving L's strep throat undiagnosed for upwards of 5 days, I wasn't going to take the fall again. Back to Walgreens we go.

I LOVE that place. LOOOOVE. Because today we walked right in, got a throat culture and BINGO!

Proud owners of another strep-infected child.

However. I will say that I am a fan of strep, as far as infectious viruses go! Because all it takes is a day of antibiotics, and the kid is be-bopping all over the place, no longer passing his/her sick germs to the rest of civilization.

In the spirit of all this sickness, I have been inspired to clean and organize with GUSTO! Beginning with a thorough bleach-soak of the kitchen and bathroom. Plus doorhandles.

And I have organized YEARS worth of children's artwork, including (but not limited to) the large stash I shoved under my bed years ago, in an attempt to de-clutter the visible parts of our home! No strep germs there!

And then! I remembered that some sort of not-for-profit is sending a truck to our street tomorrow to collect household items/toys/clothes and so I decided to get rid of some things--so thankfully, they won't pull up to our house for the MILLIONTH time, and realize I left nothing, 'cuz I forgot.

Included in my donation are an awesome pair of black polyester pants I wore in college. I think it was time, but there is still some remorse involved. However. My house is now rid of the strep germs that linger on synthetic materials, circa 1995.
And I realized that most of what's in my closet is past it's time, but that I am clinging to it for it's emotional value (shocker). Stuff I wore for college graduation, on my first date with Mike (overalls) which might be useful for a barn dance or a Halloween costume, old faithful boots that served me well in their season.
For now, I am dying a small death with the polyester boot-legs.


carol said...

call me caught up AND entertained!! Thanks!!!

becky said...

love how you said you may not have taught little j the correct body part names...too funny. should've asked the dr. for a dose for big j so you wouldn't have to come back.

BeckShoe said...

keep the overalls!