Friday, January 29, 2010

Public Service Announcement.

I don't want to alarm anyone, or spread public panic.


Target has received large amounts of spring/summer clothing. And if you think I am being "funny", you have obviously never shopped there for children's shoes (that only cost $14.99) in April, only to be shocked that they only carry toddler size 2 or giant child size 15. I have learned that you need to move fast when it comes to economical footwear, even if it is 20 degrees outside, and just the thought of wearing open-toed shoes makes me want to cut off my feet and surgically replace them with woolly-mammoth Uggs.

On another Target clothing note: The Easter Dresses. Now, I have already purchased tutu-ish skirts for the girls at an Old Navy sale BUT, hypothetically, if the world decided to re-celebrate the risen Christ in, say, June? I would be all over these dresses. Cute, (fake) but oh-so-real looking silk. Though maybe it is real silk? No idea what the going work rate for a worm is these days, but I suppose it's possible they've taken a pay cut along with the rest of the world. Just kidding. I know they are fake because I believe in my heart-of-hearts that Target would not do anything as irresponsible as sell a dry-clean-only item in the toddler department.

In the same breath that I tell you about spring apparel, I will also inform you that I purchased next year's Christmas dress. Yes, Christmas. And it was $6.24, so for that price I can handle waiting 11 months, even though I LOVE this dress. LOVE! But I think you'll agree, it is rather holiday festive, or I *might* try to pull it off in March. Target appears to be my holiday one-stop shop, as this years dress was purchased in the maternity department for $7. Yup, there is no shame in my game. It was an extra small, so I guess what that says is that I am comparable in size to a pregnant woman, be it a very tiny pregnant woman.

Act fast, people. If anything resembling the sun, or a temperature above frozen tundra makes its appearance, you'll be screwed on cute, cheap sandals. Don't say I didn't warn ya.


Erin said...

I LOVE Target clothes, and shoes! Their clothes are super cute, always in style and always affordable! I got my DD some shorts one year at the end of summer for the next year...super cute and they were a whopping $0.99 and $ even if she had out grown them I wouldn't have felt that I had wasted anything! If only I could afford those things now...soon hubby will have work again, and hopefully before I'm left with the size 15 shoes!

becky said...

even if it is maternity i would love the tag saying xs! i once got a size 2 skirt at target...i'm obviously not that size nor do i own anything that size besides the misprinted tag on my skirt but it still makes me feel skinney every time i put it on.

Kirsten V. said...

We bought the cutest cupcake sandals for Greta at Target when we were in the States last May. Wayne will never live down letting one fall out of the car, to be lost on the 4th of July!