Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The dot.

I may have mentioned it before, but "The Dot" by Peter Reynolds is one of my FAVORITE children's books. All about discovering your talents and unleashing your creativity. Love it, love it, love it.

So, as I headed out to Florida last week, I picked a copy up for my good friend Ort, and her one-year-old son Max. And also decided to add a t-shirt to the mix. Dot inspired, of course.

Up close and personal...I embroidered the letters on to a piece of felt, and then cut a circle shape around it. Next, I got the coordinating color and cut a less-symmetrical oval/circle to serve as the outer blue background. Before sewing the entire thing on to the shirt, I stitched the two circles together, with a nice even stitch around the border of the yellow circle.

To attach them to the shirt, I used a dark blue thread and sewed two circles, aiming to be uneven and somewhat "rough" looking. I wanted them to look imperfect, because I like the look of it, but also because it goes right along with the theme of the book and finding beauty in something that might not be typically "pretty".

Just a quick little post tonight, because I have a killer headache and I am thinking through some things that need my desperate attention. Mostly, my 7-year-old daughter who is struggling a bit. And I am trying to get a grasp on that and think it through, but this headache is making it almost impossible to put a coherent thought together.

So I will sleep on it and fill you in on how I plan to save the world, seven-year-old style.

Oh, and also, if you are interested in checking out "The Dot", here is the link on Amazon (click HERE).


amy said...

LOVE that book!!!

Carol said...

headache headache go away I pray

becky said...

love the shirts. hope everything went well with g. phoebe gives my parenting a run for the money. i'm never 100% on decisions i make with her so it frustrates me b/c i'm not sure i'm helping her grow or making her issue worst.