Sunday, April 4, 2010

I am celebrating the risen Christ with serious calorie intake.

Happy Easter, Blog-World!!

Christ is risen! And though jelly beans are making a serious play for my soul, I am comforted to know that they DO NOT possess the ability to rise from the dead and sit at the right hand of God.

It has been an AMAZING weather week around here...and as such, I have taken a ga-zillion pictures. In an effort to spare you an hour or two, I've boiled them down to a couple of collages:

Beginning in the top left and workin' clockwise: A froggy-find during our egg hunt; our dyed eggs; egg salad sandwiches for the kid's lunch (Mike and I would rather gag and vomit than eat hard-boiled eggs); G and her new bubble blower; individual monkey breads, and idea I found at this here blog (link here); a new crop of Crocs from the Easter bunny.

Second verse, same as the first: an Easter basket (our theme: practical items); L on our egg hunt; fancy milk in a wine glass (Jesus drank wine, get off my back); sponge painted bunny art; egg-shell mosaic (saving egg shell received ENORMOUS eye rolls from Mike); It just ain't Easter without 9 cousins in a dune-buggy; Friday's playdate activity, a "Peep" bouquet; Big J's monogrammed tie.

It has been a CRAZY weekend of egg hunting and basketball...and to those of you who have faithfully rooted for Butler on my behalf, I thank you greatly because THEY ARE PLAYING FOR THE FREAKING CHAMPIONSHIP ON MONDAY. I can barely think about it without wanting to cry, which means that my insanity has effected my chemical balance and I could probably use some sort of counseling and drug-therapy. Or maybe just drugs.

Also testifying to the fact that I might be a *little* off: I decided it was a good idea for the kids to dye eggs during the last 10 minutes of the Butler/Michigan State game. Hmmm. It is so fun when mommy keeps enforcing quietness and then scaring the crap out of you with psycho fan yelling. It is a pure miracle that my furniture isn't tie-dyed and my children aren't calling the Department of Family Services all on their own. This is the benefit to not teaching them to use the phone, however, should a child abductor show up on our door step, I am screwed.

And the crowning jewel of a perfect day...Easter dinner at Mongolian Barbecue. Because nothing says "Jesus RULES" like prawns floating in some sort of weird liquid.

Totally kidding. Mike and I opted for "nontraditional" Easter fare--and we went with an Asian theme that the kids LOVED. We were seriously worried that Little J's stomach might explode, he ate so many bowls of stir fry. Oh! And everyone besides Big J downed their meal with chopsticks!!!!! Which means that, in spite of their non-Asian looks, G and Little J do in fact possess Okinawan their fingers.

I hope that all of you out there had a moment today to see something beautiful in an imperfect world. I believe that Easter is all about celebrating, hope, and life and incredible grace that came when Jesus was raised from the dead--but the challenge is to live KNOWING that Easter is everyday, not just once a year on a Sunday.

As I have been tossing with all kinds of thought about Christ's sacrifice and what that means in my everyday life, I have had several challenges put on my heart...which I look forward to sharing in the weeks to come. All intended to break me of some bad habits, which should be intriguing and frightening for any of you reading, as I'm thinking it will be similar to a 50-year chain smoker quitting cigarettes cold turkey.

Until all that fun-ness, here's wishing you a fantastic Easter...


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