Friday, April 2, 2010

Understanding what's "good" about Friday.

Clearly, it is easier to count our blessings when we have suffered, and survived.

I will forever look at my twins and THANK GOD that they are alive, that they can walk, that they can speak, that they are entering kindergarten without any special needs. Not that they don't test the upper limits of my patience (x2), but that they even exist to drive me crazy can often humble me in a minute.

Because I begged God to give them the opportunity to bug the crap out of me on a daily basis. The suffering of watching my sick and dying children changed me. My perspective, my attitude, my priorities, my expectations. I count blessings in my healthy children that I would have taken for granted my entire life.

And centuries ago, on the day we celebrate as Good Friday, the Son of God walked the earth and suffered a terrible, painful, bloody, death. Done, so that we might count our blessings and understand glory--when compared to the brutal punishment taken on our behalf. To change our perspective, our attitudes, our priorities, our expectations.

The grace of God, his unending love, his protection over my family, my beautiful children, the home we live in, the life we love--amazing and beautiful and indescribable when compared to the tragedy of the cross.

That single, dark day brings glory. And because of it, we count our blessings.

For we are saved.


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Beautiful and extremely GOOD!!!

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You said very well. Thank you.

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