Friday, May 7, 2010

Going big.

Think BIG flowers. BIG. I wanted some fun hair pieces for my girls this spring/summer, and have been meaning to try this for a while. It took less than 5 minutes.

Start with the 50% off sale on floral stems at Hobby Lobby. I'm not sure when I have ever seen fake flowers sold for full price there, fyi. Once you own them, pull the stem off--usually there is a plastic piece that sits in the middle of the bloom that attaches the flower to the stem. All it takes is a little pulling to make the whole thing come apart, but then, essentially, you will have all of the fabric petals layered upon themselves, but nothing holding them together.

Once the stem and plastic center are removed (flower petals should now be able to sit flat-ish), sew the flower back together, just so that all the layers are attached to one another. I used my machine and just did a small line of a few stitches through the middle. You could use a needle and thread too--you just want to keep the whole thing together in the absence of the plastic center/stem. Doesn't have to be pretty will be covered.

Next step: go to a fabric store (or Hobby Lobby, I think, but can't guarantee), and find buttons that you can cover in fabric. Ask if you can't find them. I bought large flat buttons, but you can also get the kind that are rounded, all in a variety of sizes. Instructions and everything you need to cover the buttons are included, though you will need to purchase the fabric you choose to cover it in (seriously, all you need is a scrap, so don't buy a whole yard of fabric or anything). Easy-peasy, I promise.

Once you cover your button, glue gun it to the center of the flower. The petals still have their rounded shape, so they will naturally curl right around your fabric button. As if they were meant to be together.

Last step: I cut a circle of felt in a matching pink shade (you could use neon orange and it wouldn't matter, no one will see it). I glue gunned it to the back of the flower and added an alligator clip (also with the glue gun). I found a box of these clips at at Sally's Beauty Supply, more than 6 years ago...haven't run out yet. Per another tutorial I use for bows, I put a folded piece of wax paper between the clip when gluing it...that prevents the glue from sticking the clip together (rendering it useless). Please pardon the crappy picture--it's dark here today!!!


We'll use them on ponytails, with fabric headbands, clipped to belts/belt loops, on denim jackets. Oh, the possibilities....

Happy Spring Everyone! It's about to rain here today, but then I think we are looking at a cool, beautiful weekend. Enjoy!


carol said...

Go Big or go home!!! I want one!!!

mGk said...

Ok I love them, but what is actually in your pony tail today? I like the look of that too... I am never satisfied! Love it.

BeckShoe said...

That is so funny! I went to Hobby Lobby today and bought big flowers and did the SAME thing!! (without that cute little button in the middle)
I had the biggest white flower in my hair today and so did Taylor.
Way to rock it girl!

Libby said...

I love them. I bet they would be so cute on a waistband of a dress. You're so creative.

Michael and Rachelle said...

I saw your mother-in law today and we were talking about binding a quilt. I learned from two great blogs. Old Red Bard, Co. and Oh, Frannson! Both have how to quilt sections. They are similar in their binding techniques and I have done two quilts using their method. They have great tutorials and pics. Good luck with your quilt.

Michael and Rachelle said...

ok that was supposed to say old red barn co...sorry