Monday, July 26, 2010

Here's your chance to eat an infectious disease.

Exhibit A. Fruit gummies, liquified in a DISGUSTING, solar powered slow cooker on wheels(translation: my mini-van). Once reaching the consistency of water, they did a little happy dance and congealed into one, solid mass.

Coincidentally, I imagine that this is how ebola was created. So, if there is a black market for highly-contagious and fatal diseases, we've got it covered.

At *some* point, it escaped it's sippy-cup holder, though I am unsure if it was during a game of "who-can-throw-the-biggest-loogie-on-their-sibling", OR if the gummie-amoeba grew millions of tiny, hairy legs.

In any case. It mated with the carpet in my mini-van. For one month straight, that hooker.

But now she needs to be destroyed, because word has spread of her promiscuity, and I just can't handle a hairy gummie/chip-crumb/cheese-it/glitter/granola super germ with legs.

My only question.

Who's gonna eat it, and how much do I have to pay you?

P.s...the picture above depicts her CLEAN side.


And also...tonight was L's VERY FIRST day of soccer camp. Her cleats come up to her groin and she's the tiniest peanut there, but boy is she scrappy. And she jumped right into the opening huddle as if she had ACTUALLY played soccer before (she has not).

She has mastered the art of jumping right in and winging it.

I probably should have mentioned to someone that she has a bit of a vision problem? But it doesn't seem to slow her down one bit, and as she failed to come home with a serious brain injury, I *think* we're good. If only her cleats stretched a little higher, say to her upper forehead?

I absolutely LOVE my L.


Ryans said...

oh my gosh!!! i want her!!

Lelan @ Good Gravy! said...

I saw that photo of your gummy germ and thought, "Ew, what rock did that thing crawl out from under?" and then cracked up at it's true origin.

Emily said...

OMG that little girl is SO beautiful and amazing! Love the soccer pics!