Friday, July 16, 2010

A mess on purpose.

$1 buys 40 minutes of independent playtime. When used in combination with your average garden hose.

Introducing, our first experiment with shaving cream goodness.

I used some of my cookie sheets/baking pans to pile the shaving cream into, because I followed the lead of another blog I read. However, the cookie sheets are somewhat unnecessary, and tend to conduct heat in the blazing sun, which acts as a gi-normous, flaming heat source.

No way.

Yes way.

In case you want to avoid tears and potential 2nd degree burns.

And now my baking tools will be in my yard, which will be really inconvenient in 2 years when I decide I need to make a sheet cake. Tangent: I registered for TWO of these cake pans, and rarely do I use them. Nor do I own anything that even closely matches the blueberry/boobie plates and bowls that we use EVERYDAY. Or the crystal stemware that could have financed a swanky Parisian vacation. 23-year-olds are way to dumb to choose pieces of lasting to stick with gifts of booze and money. Or crack, I hear that's awesome.

Mess is not limited to metal baking containers. But that's kind of the point. When I *plan* on being all-out-messy, I can handle it. It's those Sunday mornings when my children are bathed (within the last 12 hours), dressed in their seersucker AND 4 minutes to the start of our church service when a milk spill *accidentally* soaks our clothes/hair/shoes/breakfast./5 toys and 3 books (minimum)..that really throws me into a tizzy. Which is code for raging bi-atch that eats small children.

And just in case you are wondering--this is how you remove shaving cream. At thy brother's mercy, with a garden hose. I was smart *enough* to switch it from laser stream to gentle shower. Or we could have added retina puncture/potential blindness to the list of possible injuries. I mean, I might not have known that the sun is HOT, but I am on top of all highly improbable medical disasters involving water.

Have a happy weekend, blog world!!! Tomorrow, we take our doggie back to the vet, because I am pretty sure pee shouldn't look like blood. Is that weird, you think?


Anonymous said...

I used shaving cream a lot when the kids were growing up. I would put a plastic apron on them and then place a small dollup on a cookie sheet. They then practiced their weekly spelling words, printing their letters or later on cursive writing. I also was an elementary school teacher and we did it my my classroom as well. The room smelled good, the desktops were now clean and learning took place all in the name of shaving cream!!!

missy said...

Drop a little food coloring in there. It is really fun and so beautiful before the children mix it all together and it all becomes gray.