Sunday, August 15, 2010

Celebrating the start of something new.

Officially, it's the night before my three littlest kids start school. And even though we have struggled through much of this summer, I am sad that it's over.

It's our tradition to celebrate the start of a new school year. If you are new around here, or just haven't been paying attention for the last two years, I like traditions. I especially like traditions if they include cute party favors and grosgrain ribbon. And a polka dot. Or two.

So we broke out the china (I think this is the third time EVER), and had ourselves a pizza party. But before we ate, I set each child's place with a small back to school gift--think silly string and new crayons, Lego for Big J and a movie they can all share and watch this week. Nothing big and fancy, but little things they can get excited about.

Also. I HAD to monogram something. It is like a need that springs from deep in my soul. G has the same backpack in pink, which she got new last year...also with matching monogram. It is my love language.

Tonight also marks my third attempt at getting my children to fall in love with Izze soda. I am in LOVE with how cute this soda is, how fun it's colors are, how they use that sweet little daisy as a logo. I am a marketing dream come true. I fantasize about throwing parties with large metal drink tubs FILLED with every flavor. I don't care how it tastes. Oh, and if you are into health and things of that nature, I think this is some kind of natural, organic, made from skinny hyenas crap. Whatever. If you bottle baby spit up in a bottle this cute, I will probably buy it at a ridiculous price.

Pre-dinner festivities included silly string spraying. And a serious bath with lots of tears, because...well, some crazy lady (me) decided it was a good idea to paint my kids faces with black paint the night before school starts. Face painting is SO fun. But the residual black smears it leaves behind? Makes them look like small, hairy people with really bad bruises.

And now. For the SECOND greatest family picture ever taken. Never underestimate the power of black face paint and L's poorly timed need to blink.

Here's to a great 2010-2011 school year...We are monogrammed and ready to party.

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