Monday, November 8, 2010

Getting a jump on my wish list.


In case you like to shop early, I am formally submitting this year's list of most coveted items.  None of which can be found at Target, which is kind of ironic, but makes all the sense in the world as I have NO TIME to visit any of these stores if they are not located at the intersection of Kirkwood Road and Big Bend.  If you wouldn't mind doing me a solid and picking something up that isn't made of sweatshirt material? 

That would be super.

(Hint:  Click on the word in CAPS).

Let's start here, because I would LOVE to wear THIS for Christmas, but am also thinking of ways that I can make a version for my girls.  Which really means that I will pour a large sum of money into a dress that *appears* simple, but really requires the work of 14 well trained seamstresses.  It's the rosettes around the collar, I think.  I can make those. 

Ahhh...THESE.  I might have a fascination with dark suede-like shoes, if you factor in the Target-purple-bootie-fiasco.  Those have not yet been returned, because I seem to have lost one.  In my bedroom.  Which gives you a pretty accurate picture of what my bedroom looks like right now. 

Also, can anyone tell me if Poetrie and Anthropologie are owned by the same company?  They seem awful similar, except in price???

THIS would be lovely to place in my sewing room.  Which is currently my dining room, but shall one day in the near future, be an office that we are going to section off in our front living room.  My hubby and his pals think its no big deal to construct a wall and a door?  Sometimes it takes all my concentration not to walk right into a wall with a door, so I'm not so sure.

I saw THIS in a local store two days ago...for $20 more.  I think it would be nice to have a pretty cutting board on my counter.  You know, underneath last night's dishes and the 3,279 catalogs that arrive in the mail everyday.  While were at it, Santa, you might as well send a well organized assistant right along with it. 

One of THESE.  Mike would sooner grow pointy ears and wear a collar than get one of these babies.  But I am prepping him for that day, 12 years from now, when we get another dog.  And yes, it will be one of these.

Do your kids like items of clothing for Christmas?  I'm not sure mine do.  But THESE would be awesome, mostly because I don't believe in buying rain boots that look terribly uncomfortable.  I like that these have a liner.  And that they are a shorter height, because I think we'd get more practical wear out of them...and just maybe, that would keep the rubber squeaky-ness to a minimum??

Always been a fan of THESE bags.  I've seen them in more vibrant colors before, but I'm guessing she's muted it down for Fall.  In any case, her bags are made of a laminate like material, so they are TOTALLY appropriate for when I place my bag in that puddle of diet coke that's sitting in my van.  Or something equally gross and disastrous. 

LOVE theseAnd THESE.  I might also have a flower fetish.

Thanks, Santa.  You're the best.


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