Thursday, December 16, 2010

Where I explain myself as a whale, an eskimo and a beer wench.

You know what?  It's been a *challenging* week.  But not necessarily because of my 3.7 mile to-do list.  Actually, I have been managing my time rather wisely. 

Teacher gifts are done, and the details for G's class Christmas party will come together tomorrow, without much ado.  I delegated a few things, including the ordering of Big J and L's birthday cake for Saturday.  Rather than peruse the Internet for 3 hours looking for the PERFECT picture of Darth Vader, I gave that task to Mike.  And he found a picture that was AWE-some, but is it just me, or does the Dark Lord appear to have a rather large...cup?  So. Many. Jokes.

The Wondertwins actually turn 6 on Saturday.  Which means that 6 years ago, I was beached upon our Lazy-Boy, sitting upon a super-absorbent pad.  Because, my water had been broken for 12 WEEKS.  Which basically made me a slow, trickling faucet.  Disguised as a large, ocean mammal. 

Thankfully, their birthday party is at a bowling alley and unless I have a budget that would account for carpet reupholstery, 25 pairs of new shoes and a Haz-mat level of decontamination, it will be impossible for me to "cutesy" this up.  Which is great, because there is ZERO time or emotional energy for cute.

This week, in particular, is always pretty hard on me.  Sub-consciously.  Because I make it about Christmas cards and presents and 35 batches of peppermint brownies, but this Saturday will mark the 6 year anniversary of when a full-blown Orca whale was thrown into Vietnam-style  combat.  Which is how I would most accurately describe being on 13 weeks of bedrest with triplets, only to birth three babies who were 15 weeks early.  Lots of blubber and large gaping wounds.  And TRAUMA.

In the meantime.   I bought the ugliest house slippers known to man.  Because they were $15 at Sams, and they looked damn comfy.  And boy, did they not disappoint.  Even if they did make Mike dry heave a little.   

He is not as big a fan of my Elmira the Eskimo costume as he is of Gretchen the Beer wench. 


carol said...

Those slippers and that swim-suit together....let us know what he thinks.

strongblonde said...

:) yea for an un-cute party!!

also...i thought about you the other day. my husband found a dead squirrel in the back yard. i thought about if the kids were older and if they would have trie to play with it :)

becky said...

i love the slippers! they go with your beautifully decorated tree. i'm with carol...put those babies on with that hot suit and maybe a santa hat! you will be irresistable! oh and i can't believe you had the triplets 6 years ago. where has time gone. squeeze them for us today

wifemotherexpletive said...

beer wenches wear slippers too... don't ask me how i know... :)