Thursday, May 5, 2011

If pie and cookies mated, this would be their baby.

Teacher's Appreciation Day.

Tiny Cookie Pie (the size of a disposable tart pan).

Recipe from Our Best Bites (link HERE).

Complete with cellophane and polka dot ribbon.  My signature *look*.

People.  This is the EASIEST dessert recipe you will EVER find.  And it is *ohmygod* so good.  The recipe calls for a frozen pie crust, but to make the mini versions, I bought refrigerated crusts and shaped them into the small tart pans.  I thought I could get two, tart-sized pies per crust...turns out, if you re-roll your crust scraps and are frugal with your pie filling, then you can get FOUR small pies from one recipe/crust.  WINNING!

Somehow, I don't think Charlie Sheen had cookie pie in mind when he coined that phrase.  Or *maybe* he did.

Also a note:  I always bake these longer than an hour (minis took about 50 minutes, too).  I'm ALWAYS nervous it is going to be too gooey, but they always solidify. 

Friends, Pinterest has stolen all of my time this evening, but it turns out that I am now likely to define myself as a pink, painted, dining room table *and* some sort of contraption of fabric scraps draped from the sky.  I am okay with this.  In fact, this is much more whimsical than I am in real life.  But I unfortunately bought furniture in the age when olive green and khaki were "the thing".  Note to self:  Next sofa MUST be bright.

Tomorrow.  I will show you how a few of us managed to make the most morbid table centerpiece.  EVER.  Not unlike the Nightmare-on-Elm-Street gingerbread house of '10 (which was COMPLETELY unintentional...damn you, icing). 


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