Monday, May 9, 2011

Is it really inappropriate if it's biblically true?

So.   I attend a Bible study once a week, and every year our last meeting is a brunch, where ladies share what the study has meant to them.  Each small group has a table, and is responsible for decorating it with a *theme*.

Usually, THEME is meant to imply something to do with centerpieces and flowers and prettiness, along the lines of "God grows joy in my garden" or "The Holy Spirit is a flower, watered by scripture" or "Jesus  delights in fine china" or "Tulle  is like the clouds of heaven" or whatever.  Semi-kidding, it wasn't that bad.  But you get the idea.
Generally speaking, I have yet to see anyone rock a dark and *slightly* morbid theme.  The UGLY. 

Until  yesterday.

Instead of decorating with flowers and linens, our group decided to just re-enact the Book of Esther.  Massive kingdom.  Jewish queen.  Evil plot.  Bad guy impaled and hung on a 75-foot device.  UGLY. 

And we went for a *literal* interpretation: 

(Notice, not even a tablecloth.  Wouldn't have been historically accurate.
Just kidding, we forgot.)

BFF Becky built the hanging device (and painted it, you know, to make it *cute*), another gal brought the Ken doll, discreetly covered because he was smiling and that just seemed wrong (note:  only his actual joy seemed inappropriate, not ANY OTHER element of this activity.  Just to be clear).  I contributed my kid's play castle AND a set of Christmas lights, to give it that ol' razzle-dazzle--but sadly, my extension cord was 50 feet too short to truly light it up, yo.  Boo. 

And that, folks, is how you rock a biblical theme as a slightly-out-of-proportion centerpiece.  

You're welcome.   


Becky said...

Umm. You forgot to mention that all the other ladies circled our table. Possibly in disgust but I like to think they were in pure awe!

Greta said...

This makes me happy in SO MANY WAYS. Ken dolls have a strange home in Christianity, I loaned out our Malaysian/African American Ken doll whose head kept popping off to a friend as a prop for a Christian retreat talk and he never came back. Maybe rejoicing in Heaven with his head secured?

Ryans said...

Ha! I can only imagine some of those dear women looking at the table muttering things like "Oh my!"