Friday, June 3, 2011

Further proof that the kingdom of Heaven is likely a Target store

As further evidence that Target is the bomb-diggity, allow me to share the romper/jumper/elastic one piece modeled by G.  Found on the ADULT women's sale rack.  Size XS.  I would truly LOVE to see the woman who would wear this little number that fits my 8-year-old to perfection, because it would either be a medical marvel, or quite a sight to behold.

As it was marked as an "internet item", it's blatantly obvious that it was retagged and shelved by an 18-year-old boy who CLEARLY does not understand the proportions of the female body.  Surely, it never crossed his mind that his was a CHILD'S item, though I am SO SURE that "hot cheerleader Taylor" and her teenage metabolism would look SMOKIN in it. 


This oversight and inability to properly identify said jumper-thingy resulted in me purchasing it for $5.06.  This is a win for me, but not for the 18-year-old stock boy who will sadly search an entire lifetime for the woman who can wear a children's XS.  Not. Gonna. Happen. Dude.  

What you are looking for, in essence, is a four-foot-tall female with not-a-breast-bud in sight.  She does happen to be 55 pounds, but I'm thinking this is *probably* not as ideal as it sounds. 

But good luck with that.

{edited to note:  spell check does not recognize "diggity" as a word, but it SO is.  In your face, spell check.}

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Becky said...

Well the Libs will probably fit in it at age 25!