Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A is for angry.

While in Hawaii, my kid's love affair with angry birds went from being something sweet and innocent, to a FULL ON fatal attraction that would probably end with a boiled rabbit *if* it would in any way help them obtain a $9 key chain.  And REALLY, Angry Birds??!!!  A $60 backpack??!!!  I KNOW that thing was made in China for $.85, so the mark-up on that baby is like 60,000%.  Or something.  I just hope you are having fun lounging in your European castle, financed by the allowances of grade schoolers--I imagine it made of rock and steel and glass and defended (ironically and ineffectively) by small, mean birds.

As there was a slim to no-shot-in-hell chance that I was going to pay $45 for a t-shirt, I decided that I could MAKE them.  And drunk with jet lag from our Hawaiian vacation, I did just that.  Luckily, Old Navy had these ringer tees for $4!!!!  And the darker cuffs around the neck and arms take it up a notch--BAM!

Armed with my handy stash of felt, I started with a red circle, and just added the little feathers on the top of his head.  Everything else was done free hand--but get on the Internet, and have a looksy.  Angry birds aren't really that complicated, as the only odd shape is their beaks--but once I hand-stitched the line to separate top and bottom, it seemed to look okay!  Well, at least you all recognized them as Angry Birds, so I consider it a success.

{HOLD THE PHONE. Did I REALLY just see a commercial for a device that will stir a pot for you?  Yes, yes I did.  Let me put on record that STIRRING is the least of my deficiencies in the kitchen. And why (WHY???) is Tyra Banks addicted to one piece outfits???  And....end rant.}  

Focus.  Fo-cus.

I know this is a piss poor tutorial, but if you are up for a project and can draw *moderately* well, I think you can handle it.  If I am REALLY on my A-game this weekend, I will re-draw the pieces on to paper, and make a pattern that you can use to trace the pieces on to your felt.  But that also involves possibly breaking copyright laws AND scanning/other tasks that are simply outside of my technological ability, so it's very possible I will be arrested and executed via birds fired by sling shot.  Or you will inadvertently download the pattern for an XXXXXL Angry Bird.  You've been warned.

Thanks for your sweet comments and love of the Angry Birds--I've been out of the crafty loop for a while, but I am BACK, baby...I'm BACK!!!


Kimmie said...

Oh I didn't have time to comment on yesterday's post but I just KNEW you'd sewn those shirts. I long for the day when I get to sew something beside hemming boy scout pants and sewing on round bs badges. Great job!

heresthediehl said...

It's so cool that these are handmade, but um, could open an etsy shop and sell them or something? I'd be your first customer.

Great job!!

Becca said...

Those shirts are hella tight yo.

Karen said...

Love it! Thank you....I found this post on pinterest and was thrilled to have an example..cute, cute! Here's to hoping the patent/trademark police never track you down :)

Anonymous said...

yep sel them i am in, my 5 year old little girl loves angry birds

anne said...

I LOVE these! I would totally buy one (or two) from you! My son is turning 6 next week and would love one. I too, saw some very overpriced Angry Bird t-shirts, but I couldn't spend the $$ and they won't this cute. If you're in the mood to make another, please email me - I'm in STL and can meet you to pick it up!


carol said...

I'll provide the shirts if you'll provide the birds. I have 3 birds...ooops, boys

sometimes they're angry